Truffle, also called as “little rock” or “rock salt”, is a type of crystalline salt mined in France. The name truffle comes from the French word truffle (truffle) and Old English word ealdon. In the 1800s, truffle was considered as the finest fine salt around the world. Today, it is still widely sought after for its delectable flavor and delectable taste.

truffle salt

To make real truffle salt, coarse pieces and chips that break away from the whole truffle during grating are combined with fine sea salt. The resulting fine mixture is then slowly aged in wooden tanks to give it that distinctive rich flavor and aroma. Black truffle salt consists of more refined pieces that tend to be darker in color than the white truffle salt. Black truffle salt also contains a bit more magnesium and calcium. White truffle salt is often used for baking, because of its light flavor and delectable taste.

These days, you can find truffle salt being offered in various forms and packaging. Most commonly, it is available in the form of table salt. Most people are familiar with its use as a seasoning for fish, meats and poultry. It gives those dishes a distinct truffle flavor. But you can also get these salts in various forms, such as in the form of sprinkles, chips, shakers, salts, tubs and jars. There are also various brands and kinds of truffle salt in the market today.

Traditionally, truffle salt was used for cooking. This was back in ancient times when sea salts were in much demand and was even considered as the finest seasoning there was to be had. Truffles actually got its name from the French word truffle, which means “truffle”. Hence, the salt was considered as the finest seasoning to cook with, and it was highly prized because of its delectable flavor. As the world slowly became a global village, different kinds of spices and seasoning became readily available to many of us, and truffle salt was one of these, along with French truffle cream and German chocolate.

These kinds of flavors go great with many kinds of dishes. A lot of classic French dishes would never make it to your average American palette – this goes to prove the greatness of truffle salt. You can try cooking with earthy flavors, like garlic and onion, for instance, or with more exotic flavors like basil and Rosemary. You can also incorporate this earthy flavor in savory and spicy Italian dishes, as well as in more classic dishes like lasagna and shepherd’s pie.

And of course, it goes without saying that truffle salt goes great in those irresistible deserts. Black truffle salt creates a distinct kind of flavor in baked goods – the more you use it, the more it will become a part of your everyday meal. The key is in the way the salt forms on the dry ingredients. With black truffle salt, you get the real flavor of the chocolate, and with the dark chocolate itself, you get a taste of the nutty, smoky, charcoal flavor of the wood chips.

But you need to be careful with how much you use it. You don’t want to overdo it, and so you should start with just a pinch of the black truffle salt for every 6 ounces of dry ingredients. Overdoing it might lead to an under-whelming experience. If you feel that you are on the cusp of being able to sprinkle more truffle salt onto your food, wait until after you have used a bit less. This way, you can prevent your palate from getting overwhelmed with the taste of the salt and be safe in knowing that the food will still be palatable.

It might also help if you place the truffle salt on a plate instead of on a bowl. Since the flavor tends to concentrate more on the bottom of the food, leaving the top open usually leads to better flavor absorption. However, the beauty of truffle salt comes when the flavor stays below the surface. This makes the flavor even stronger because of the lack of direct contact with the air. The best way to do this is to put a few pieces on a plate and allow them to rest for about half an hour. If you let them sit long enough, you might get the best of both worlds: A tasty snack that doesn’t require any cooking at all.