Concepts for Kids Teaches Children Basic Shapes and Primary Colors

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A scientific-based approach for teaching children is presented in the Concepts for Kids app.  This app is neurologically stimulating!  Sensory skills improve with every scene in this audiovisual app.  English color and shape words are explored.  Keeping the information basic allows your child to recognize shapes and colors accurately.  The contrasting images are stimulating and appealing to a child’s developing vision.

This app directs the attention of your young child to interpret specific concepts.  Seeing the world through a child’s eyes can really make a difference in how information is presented.  Concepts for Kids Avoid will eliminate information overload!

The English language color words often seem complicated to a child due of the way our sentences are structured.  We typically use color words pro-nominally, before the noun.  In the English language people often say, “the red cup,” instead of stating the color word post-nominal, after the noun, “the cup is red.”  The order matters. It directly correlates with the way attention is directed.  The child is able to visually follow what is being talked about when the noun is mentioned first.  This app will test your child’s understanding in the Basic Shapes & Primary Color.

Once the basic concepts are understood the child is able to keep growing their skills as well as their understanding of the world around them.  Colors and shapes are ubiquitous in every waking moment of a child’s life.  Help your child build a strong educational foundation.

Saying “the cup is red” narrows down what makes up the work red.  The child is able to comprehend that the word red is just an attribute of the cup itself.  This leads a child to quickly discern what about the cup makes it “the red cup”!

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