The use of proxy is one of the many ways to protect yourself online from unwanted people and harmful information. A proxy is a program that hides your real IP address while accessing the Internet. As you browse the Internet, the proxy or VPN effectively redirects your web traffic through their private servers thereby hiding your true IP address from your web host and the targeted website. As you surf the Internet, the proxy or VPN only sees the IP of proxy or VPN proxy server while your real IP address remains hidden.

Proxy is widely used among freedom fighters and bloggers against censorship and threat from abusive countries and governments. In order to make their communication with other people safe from abuse and threat from Internet hackers, many bloggers use various proxy server to bypass the restrictions from their governments and Internet service providers (ISPs). In fact, the proxy is considered as a form of secure anonymous browsing. A proxy server system makes browsing safer and more private by bypassing the usual problems brought about by ISP blockage. It has become the most widely used tool for online privacy and security by many people.

There are different reasons why people use proxy servers. One is to bypass the filtering done by schools, colleges and government agencies on Internet content. Another is to access websites that are restricted by their users. Still another is to maintain anonymity when Internet privacy and security are at stake. The use of proxies is also beneficial in preventing malware attack on computers using Internet browsers.

Blocking Internet content is actually a major problem for many Internet users especially during the holiday seasons when free browsing mode is turned on. When using free browsing mode, many people inadvertently click on pop-up advertisements which then end up in spyware and other dangerous programs. Another risk is the violation of personal security when downloading files from the Internet. This is one of the biggest reasons why many people use proxies. Through a proxy server, they can bypass Internet content restrictions while accessing certain Web sites.

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a technology that provides anonymous proxies. It acts like a digital tunnel that connects two different networks. A typical VPN service provider offers free access to certain Web sites but when you wish to bypass the restriction, you need a virtual private network. A virtual private network is an address that is unique to only one computer system. One instance of this service provider is the VPN, which is defined as a connection that permits users to secure sensitive data while allowing access to Web sites that normally require an anonymous browsing mode.

Bypassing the filters and policies of Internet service providers (ISP) is one of the VPN service provider benefits. Through a VPN, you can bypass all of these restrictions and surf anonymously even though you are using a public proxy server. This effectively protects your identity from possible online fraud and identity theft. The risk of these attacks are so high that some of the most popular websites on the Web have implemented anonymous proxy servers in order to protect their users from these attacks.

However, there are also some downsides to using anonymous proxy servers. Although using them effectively helps you surf the Web securely, they do not guarantee a 100 percent safety or security. There are some websites whose policy requires users to subscribe to them. They usually charge a monthly fee for this service. They also offer different services that may include application installation and usage, filtering, and tracking.

Proxy servers are widely used by people in various countries because it offers multiple benefits. They help you surf the Web securely, bypass many firewalls and IP restrictions, and protect your identity. However, users must exercise caution when using these services. It is not advisable to use them if you are under attack because IP spoofing is one of the common ways these attacks are carried out.