A chat bot is a program, which operates as an on-line or web-based chat application, replacing the need of a human chat moderator. A chat bot is often referred to as a webbing or webbot. It is a type of software program that runs on a personal computer such as a laptop or a tablet. Web-based chat bot software programs are popular with college students who wish to chat with friends, classmates or professors from other colleges or schools while they are away from home, or on breaks. Web-based chat bot applications such as webcam chat bot and others are available for free on the Internet. However, not all of these chat bot programs are made for use by the end-user.

Bot creators write these programs in Java or C++ and then host them on different platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux and other browsers. These chat bots run under different operating systems. These different operating systems have different protocols for connecting with the various chat bot platforms. Therefore, when you connect your PC or laptop to chatbot application hosted on a different platform, your messages may get corrupted or missing because of various reasons. In addition to that, using different platforms for connecting to the chat bot servers, may affect the performance of your PC or laptop.

As compared to normal chat bots, these artificial intelligent systems are much more sophisticated. They can mimic a wide variety of facial expressions, vocal tones, use of body language, spellings, and even various types of communication methods, all according to the user’s specification. They can even make use of various technologies such as artificial intelligence, knowledge extraction, knowledge translation, machine learning, and text-to-speak. All these technologies help these chat bots to mimic a wide variety of activities and even to interact with its users using either a textual message or voice transmission.

One good example of these chat bot applications is Microsoft’s chat bot, which has been designed to handle various functions. For instance, it can detect conversations in real time and respond to them automatically. It can also be configured to perform automated tasks based on pre-programmed modules, depending on what you may need it for. Another example is the Google chat bot, which can also detect and record conversations in real time.

There are chat bots which can also play games. Examples of these games include poker, Scrabble, chess, tetris, and others. Even though these chat bots are primarily designed to facilitate communication between two or more individuals, they are being used by companies to hold sweepstakes and prize contests. For instance, there are sweepstakes chat bots which enable members to sign up for newsletters. Similarly, there are prize contest chat bots that can determine the outcome of the competition based on a specified set of criteria.

Nowadays, chat bot technologies are becoming more sophisticated. For instance, advanced bot systems can be set up to browse the chat room for messages and determine whether they should respond or not. They can then determine if the user is a member of a particular chat room and send messages only if that is true. In other words, this technology enables a chat bot to distinguish between friends and foes, and if not, then it will not send any messages. In this way, it allows an individual to create a virtual private community of his / her own, which is considerably safer than a public chat room.

Bots are not only limited to chat rooms, but also to various other platforms. They have gained a lot of popularity with website developers, who are finding it easier to access information from various sources. Web browsers like FireFox, Safari, and Explorer let the user specify what information he/she wants to be accessed, and the chat bot does the rest. There are even some chat bot platforms which allow the user to specify what kind of information should be made available to other users. This is particularly useful for those who have their lives monitored over time.

Many websites, especially those that deal with money or finance, have realized the benefits that chat bots offer. Since these platforms have a lot of traffic, chat bots have proved to be a boon in slowing down or speeding up website transactions. These robots make transactions possible without the need for a human being, as all transactions are done automatically. Some of the biggest websites in the world use chat bots for their transactions. To find out more about chat bots, one can log on to the website and get to know more about them.